Top Tips on Mindful Eating

Do you feel guilty when you eat a piece of cake? 

Do you eat on the run or whilst driving or watching TV? 

Do you find yourself reaching for a bar of chocolate when you are stressed? 

Well…you are not alone!

These mindless eating habits are what cause us to lose touch with feelings of hunger and fullness. If you pay more attention to the signals of your body, you will never overeat and naturally make healthier food choices.

If you want to stop overeating and improve your eating behaviour – then I have the perfect answer for you! Eat mindfully. Extensive research has shown that Mindful Eating can help people control binge eating, improve health, lower body weight and reduce food cravings.

So what is Mindful Eating? It’s about being able to recognise and distinguish the difference between hunger and satiety cues. It is not about dieting or depriving yourself of the foods that you love. “Mindful Eating is about the way we eat, not what we eat.” There are no “good” or “bad’ foods. All foods can fit into a healthy balanced diet – the key is moderation! When you restrict yourself from certain foods, you will begin to crave them more. This will only lead to overeating. By letting go of the guilt, you eliminate the power certain foods have over you. When certain foods are not restricted, you will have less desire to overeat them.

“Hungry” for more information? Well here are some tips to help you eating more mindfully:

• Eat with attention: concentrate on what you are eating – noticing the colour, flavour, smells and texture of the food.

• Eat slowly: take small bites and remember to chew well. 

• Eat without distraction: don’t eat whilst driving, reading or watching TV.

 Eat what you love: eating foods that you enjoy will help make you feel more satisfied with smaller portions. 

So, what are you waiting for? PRATICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! 

When you learn how to eating mindfully, it will teach you how to live more vibrantly!