Tips and Tricks to Overcome Three -Thirtyitis

Written by Victoria Laios (APD)

It is the middle of the working week and reaches that time of the day. You feel fatigued and drained of energy – you are at your desk wondering how you will get through today, let alone the rest of this week.

“Three-thirtyitis” is a common feeling amongst all of us. At some point in time we all experience this. Here are some practical tips to prevent the arvo slump and power on towards productivity:

1. Having breakfast

This is something I cannot stress enough to my clients, about the importance of eating breakfast. Breakfast provides our body with the starting fuel it needs – it boosts our metabolism, aids in concentration and keeps our energy levels more steady throughout the day.

Many Australian’s miss out on breakfast due to morning “time-constraints”, however having something is better than nothing. For a quick, “on-the-go” feed why not try a dairy based smoothie (see recipe) or a piece of fruit with wholegrain toast.

2Staying hydrated throughout the day

This also means keeping caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee to a minimum. Many people consider tea and coffee as part of their fluid requirements. However, tea and coffee act as diuretic and result in more fluids being lost from our body. This can cause dehydration, leading to feeling more lethargic and fatigued….so keep it to 2-3 cups a day.

Hydration is easily achieved through drinking plenty of water (around 6-8 glasses daily). This can pose a challenge in the workplace, especially when we are distracted with other tasks and often forget to drink water. It just slips our minds.

So make water a priority by trying to place a water bottle on your desk – it will serve as a visual reminder to drink more.

3. Nutritious snacks on stand-by

When we get tired or run down, we generally gravitate towards the sugary, sweet foods to satisfy our body’s cravings. As a quick “pick-me up” or energy boost. These foods are often high in refined sugar, meaning they won’t provide a sustained release of energy.

If you can, try to moderate the sweets and go for nutritious snacks which are high in fibre, protein and low GI. You will feel more satisfied and energised throughout the day.

A great strategy is to keep a couple of these snacks on stand-by in your desk draw or handbag. Some of my personal favourites include fruit, yoghurt tubs, vita-weat biscuits, unsalted nuts, tuna tins and plain popcorn.

 4. Get moving!

Many of us are sitting at a desk 8-hours straight in “sedentary mode” – however, consider standing as being the new sitting. Research has indicated that sitting for prolonged periods can increase our risk of weight gain, poor circulation, stiffened muscles and decrease our level of endorphins (also known as the feel-good hormones).

Standing desks are now widely promoted in the workplace, as a way of increasing activity and movement. Other strategies may include taking the stairs, walking on breaks, parking your car further away and moving around the office.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will inspire you to adopt more positive health behaviours in the workplace. Stop feeling run down, and start becoming more proactive towards overcoming the “three-thirtyitis” hit.